I could write an entire essay I think just on THIS essay but I'll stick to this: revisiting that hug makes me verklempt. I was standing maybe ten feet away when it happened; it was warm and beautiful and really shows what this kind of work can be like when everyone is leading with their hearts and their spirits and operating in trust of one another.

What I also love is that in speaking to Winona Runs Above, she told me her mother in law is Iris Kill Eagle, who is one of my Little Shell Tribe's council members. Another perfect example of what I bleat about all the time, just how deeply related all of us are as tribal members in this part of the world. So many relationships! So many reasons to get along!

I'm very happy to have found a niche in the world of IEFA to lend a hand in. What an opportunity.

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IEFA has generated a wonderful community and I’m glad you’re part of it.

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