I'm happy to read this. I've been an evangelist for this kind of disconnecting for years. Most people nod and agree and then do nothing much to even try and adjust to this kind of embrace of the world. I was among those foolish enough to believe that, after the Covid shutdowns – when so many people had these experiences similar to yours, many for the first time – maybe things would change. I don't think they have. It feels like people have doubled-down, in fact.

I mentioned in my newsletter the other day the folks who are capable of posting so many links to articles and podcasts and the like. It's something I don't understand, that level of constant intake of information, all day, all the time. It breaks my heart a little bit because what good really is it? It's a personal choice, I know, and I try not to be judgmental, but oof. No wonder I feel like I can't really relate to most people.

People think they can't live without all these attention bandits. They could. They can.

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I was also at a forest service cabin last week! With electricity, which I found I didn't like so much. Agree on all these points, including reading Stolen Focus, which didn't tell me much of anything new but put it all together in a way I liked reading. (I liked his book Lost Connections about depression even more -- he gets into how much depression and anxiety can be created or at least made worse by the ways our society is structured to drain of us of time, agency, and authentic connections to one another.) I like the way you describe it as "static."

Also, sitting in front of screens makes us more tired and snack-y. I heard this on a "how do we live with tech" type of podcast years ago, that we'll eat more junk food and sugar when sitting in front of computers for long periods. Something about the way our bodies respond to being so sedentary.

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Beautifully said. And I also resonated with the “static” image - will think of that the next time I’m feeling foggy and need a disconnect.

That cabin is breathtaking. And your nutcracker! ❤️

I am one of those people who tends to link - I find I’m often trying to credit people, or I’m just excited to make more connections - but it can be overwhelming and unnecessarily distracting. Good to think about small ways we can call our attention back.

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Love the message and that essay by Dillard is perfect!

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And you even bring up Annie Dillard. Just wow.

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This. One thousand times this.

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The static evaporates... I love this phrase.

Find the person who makes the static evaporate for you.

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I expect you may have, as I did enjoy the Blackfoot phone and internet silence of what was it, 30+ hours just a day ago. Addictions fill the little hungry and empty spaces and sometimes have a knack for working underground so we don't see their workings unless we are very alert and in touch with what is real in us as opposed to the virtual. Thank you for the post.

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